Olney Theatre Center
Olney, Maryland
Directed by Peter Flynn

‘Matilda the Musical’ can be so vinegary that it puckers your mouth, but Peter Flynn’s staging at the Olney Theatre Center finds lots of sweet spots.”
— The Washington Post
...impressive new staging of “Matilda: The Musical” perfectly captures the beloved story’s wit, warmth and whimsy.
— MD Theatre Guide
Director Peter Flynn keeps the energy high throughout the show.
— MD Theatre Guide
Peter Flynn has done a masterful job and pulling together this complex musical with a superb ensemble.
— Broadway World

The revolting children have comic bite in ‘Matilda the Musical’

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Theatre Review: ‘Roald Dahl’s Matilda: The Musical’ at Olney Theatre Center

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BWW Review: MATILDA at Olney Theatre Center- A Wondrous Musical Fit for Families to Enjoy

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Off-Broadway at 59E59 Theaters
Starring Andréa Burns
Directed by Peter Flynn

Exquisitely painted scenes...fluidly directed by Peter Flynn.
— The New Yorker
You’ll be caught up in the engaging performances, beautifully directed by Peter Flynn.
— Theater Pizzazz
[An] unforgettable theatrical and musical experience...[a] show that will keep you enthralled from the first minute to the last.
— Broadway World

Photo Flash: Meet the Cast of SMART BLONDE Starring Andrea Burns

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Meet the Cast of the Judy Holliday-Inspired Smart Blonde Off-Broadway

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Andréa Burns- and Judy Holliday-Inspired Smart Blonde Cast Meets the Press

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Ford’s Theatre
Washington, D.C.

“Flynn leads an exceptional cast.[Ford’s Theatre] has a hit on it’s hands.”

“Flynn's WOODS feels familiar and fresh all at once.”

- Broadway World

A Look at the Peter Flynn-Helmed Into the Woods in D.C.
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‘Into the Woods’ is one of Sondheim’s most popular musicals. A delightful revival at Ford’s Theatre reminds you why.
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Peter Flynn tackles Sondheim's darkly imagined INTO THE WOODS at Ford's Theatre and the result is sensational.”
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Sweeney Todd CRT

Starring Terrence Mann, Liz Larsen, & Andréa Burns
Connecticut Repertory Theatre
Storrs, CT

“Certainly not to be missed…a thrill to watch.”

“Director Peter Flynn makes…brilliant choices in his staging of this classic.”

“The cast is top notch and the creative direction is inspired making for an extremely thrilling (and chilling) night of theatre.”
- BroadwayWorld

“An absolutely amazing production.”

“Peter Flynn marvelously directed the cast in what was billed as a concert version of the musical…for all intents and purposes, this was a fully staged production of Sweeney.”
- Patch.com

Sweeney Todd is billed at CT Rep as “a musical thriller in concert”, but Peter Flynn has fully staged the musical, albeit with simple, uncomplicated design components.”
- The Westfield News

”It kills. It has balance, control, skill and just the right amount of bloodthirstiness. It impresses on every level, starting with its star.”

“ “Sweeney Todd” cuts deep. Prepare to be amazed while being appalled. And feel safe. You’re in good bloody hands.”
- Hartford Courant


Born Yesterday
Maltz Jupiter Theatre
Jupiter, FL

Check out photos and video here.

“A laugh-out-loud script, stellar performances, and opulent set design make this production a must-see theatrical event.”
”At face value, Born Yesterday is a feel-good comedy packed with laughs. But, much like Billie, so much more substance lies just beneath the surface.”
- Palm Beach Illustrated


Curvy Widow

Westside Theater, Off-Broadway, NYC

Check out photos and video here.

        "...director Peter Flynn handles the material in "Curvy Widow" with light-hearted elegance and excellent pacing."

        - Philadelphia Jewish Voice

        (To read the full Washington Post Review click here)


        "As directed by Peter Flynn (Theatre Row's Two Rooms), Curvy Widow...sings and frolics, filling the stage with a playful spark and a 'let's put on a show' demeanor."

        - Times Square Chronicles

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        "Kudos to Goldman...for enlisting Director Peter Flynn to guide with a playful and sensitive touch."

         - Huffington Post

         (To read the full Huffington Post article click here)


        "Ms. Goldman has wisely put her play in the resourceful hands of director Peter Flynn, who extracts from it al the humor, some of it bringing belly laughs."

         - DC Metro Arts

         (To read the full DC Metro Arts article click here)


George Street Theatre, New Brunswick, NJ

         "Under the guidance of director Peter Flynn...the result is a snappy, breathless and sophisticated romp."

         - My Central Jersey

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Curvy Widow

North Carolina Stage Company, Asheville.

"'The Curvy Widow' at Asheville's NC Stage Co."

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"Curvy Widow at N.C. Stage"

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"Nancy Opel Will Head Cast of New Musical Curvy Widow"

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New Organization Formed to Produce and Present Productions at Regional Theatres

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Mainspring Arts Cooperative formed to present productions nationwide

"Trish Santini, Peter Flynn and Frank Butler announced today the formation of their new company Mainspring Arts Cooperative (MAC), a not-for-profit organization that will produce and present productions that can tour regional theaters nationwide."

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Regional Theater Veterans Launch Nonprofit Touring Production Company

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Smart Blonde

City Theatre, Pittsburgh

"Peter Flynn's direction is bursting with energy and movement."

-Pittsburgh City Paper


"You will want to see and hear Ms. Burns. She captures the nuances and playfulness of the Judy Holliday from her too-short stage and film career. She also projects the sad truth and impossible situation of a world that refused to accept a woman as the smartest person in the room."

-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


"Jonathan Brody and Adam Heller, a protean duo, play all the people in Holliday's life, and Andréa Burns brings an enormous amount of charm, humor and intelligence to the title role."

-Pittsburgh City Paper



Ford's Theatre, Washington, DC

Check out photos and a video here


"Ford’s decision to stage Ragtime this year felt eerily timely given the political climate. Peter Flynn’s production had a high-stakes intensity to it, and that energy seemed to trickle down to every member of the show’s robust cast."

"The production of Ragtime showed us that no, theatre, even musical theatre could be a true weapon of resistance and an opportunity to carry a banner in the battle for the true character of American society, one enriched by the many people who came to our shows and reshaped it for the better...the production did it all not only with intelligence but passion and a boatload of supreme local talent. In fact, the entire cast seemed to have been charged with the kind of adrenalin that comes from a personal commitment to putting one’s voice and soul in the service of a larger idea."

- DC Theatre Scene


        "Ragtime sings with purpose at Ford's Theatre...the new production stirringly delivers on the kaleidoscopic show's cries for justice."

        "Peter Flynn's production utilizes the full volume of the large Ford's stage to capture the immensity of the show and its themes"

        - Washington Post

        (To read the full Washington Post Review click here)


       "Ragtime is under the very capable hands of Director Peter Flynn"

        - BroadwayWorld

        (To read the full Washington Post Review click here)


        "Glorious! Dazzling! Verve! Bursting at the seams with voices and stories of America's humanity and originating dreams."

         "Under Peter Flynn's lucid direction Ragtime is full of heart and optimism, sorrow and anger, with humor dished out as well, that is stunningly sung and          deeply conveyed by a remarkable cast."

         "Director Peter Flynn's vision for Ragtime is a joy of emphasized humanity delivered by golden voices who lived and breathed their songs and each and every lyric."

         - DC Metro Theater Arts

        (To read the full DC Metro Theater Arts article click here)


        "Director Peter Flynn has made the complicated and layered story crystal clear and has helped the characters to be differentiated."

        "Every scene is so fleshed out and truthful."

         - DC Theatre Scene

        (To read the full DC Theatre Scene article click here)


Ford's Theatre, Washington D.C.

"Directed with obvious affection by Peter Flynn, the production is calculated to stir the soul of every lover of the American story, without regard to which lever you pull on Election Day."

-Washington Post

"Flynn reveals a talent for eliciting nimble portrayals. You can see how “1776” might tilt toward over-animated broadness. But here, Bloch’s Franklin, for instance, never slides into cuteness, nor does Ashmanskas’s Adams become a Broadway caricature of prickliness. These disciplined treatments reach a natural emotional climax at the evening’s end, when all these men of clashing styles and interests convene movingly for the defiant act that’s stored in the minds of American sixth-graders of all ages."

-Washington Post


"Peter Flynn is to be commended for bringing historical drama to such detailed life" 

-DC Theatre Scene

To read the full Washington Post 1776 review click here.

Kiss Me, Kate

Maltz Jupiter Theatre, Jupiter, FL

"Sublime, must-see musical”

"A classic intersection of Shakespeare and Broadway, with a high-energy, strong-voiced company set in farce mode by director Peter Flynn."

- My Palm Beach


POPE! An Epic Musical

Papal Productions, New York City

“Hallelujah! One of the funniest musicals at this year's NYMF has taken the stage at PTC's Performance Space.”

“In a manic, ridiculously campy production written by Justin Moran and Christopher Pappas and directed by Peter Flynn, Pope! packs a litany of laughs and a surprising number of fun, lightly irreverent tunes into 90 minutes.”

-Theatre Mania


“Peter Flynn, brings a joyous energy to this piece, fancifully directs this show with aplomb.”

-Times Square Chronicles


“A fun-loving sendup directed by Peter Flynn, it has a catchy pop-and-choral score by Christopher Pappas and book and lyrics by Justin Moran.”

-New York Times


"Under Peter Flynn’s proficient direction, the ensemble cast shines throughout, most portraying several characters. Justin Moran’s characters could easily become cartoonish but they do not. They are authentic characters with real conflicts that through humor and charm can be identified by audience members. Hopefully, "Pope: An Epic Musical" will be seen again in the near future on another stage."

-Theatre Reviews Limited

Junie B's Essential Survival Guide to School

Off-Broadway, Lucille Lortel Theatre, New York City

TheatreWorks USA

Check out photos here and a video here.

"Effervescent and entertaining"

"Imaginatively staged by the show's director, Peter Flynn, they incorporate several standout musical numbers”

- The New York Times

(To read the full New York Times review, click here.)

"Theatre Works' free summer show Junie B.'s Essential Survival Guide has so many things going for it."

"El Toro Fabuloso-- all the numbers were fun, but this one transcended the genre of kid musical to artistic truth"

"Take all your New York kids to see this show, and tell the ones you meet to grab a seat."

- New York Theatre Review

(To read the full Review, click here.)

"Fast-moving entertainment"

"The director, Peter Flynn, has gotten charming performances from the company"

"A full house of grade schoolers...were fairly rapt all the way through...This is the best evidence I can think of that Theatreworks is doing something right"

- Lighting & Sound America

(To read the full review, click here)

The Mountaintop

City Theatre, Pittsburgh

"Director Peter Flynn does a marvelous job finding an emotional spine in Hall's constantly shifting landscape. He also oversees two remarkably detailed performances.”

-Pittsburgh City Paper

"Peter Flynn's directorial hand is firm and expansive as we see mainly in the wonderful performances of Albert Jones and Bianca Laverne Jones"

-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 

To read the full The Mountaintop review click here

Junie B. Jones

Theatreworks USA, New York City

"Smartly directed by Peter Flynn, JUNIE B. JONES offers enough humor to tickle even adults! John Scherer brings the house down!"

- The New York Times (to read the full NYT review click here)


"Whether pining for the good old days of kindergarten, navigating the grade-school social scene or experiencing her first crush, JONES charms her peers in the audience as well as their parents. The six-person cast is top-notch. Jennifer Cody is a riot!"

- Time Out New York Kids


"Better than the first time around!The roars from the patrons -- children and adults -- speak for themselves!"

- Variety


"A bright, entertaining mini-musical with cute, jaunty choreography and melodic, genre-spinning songs. Any 5-year-old ought to be proudto call this his first musical!"

- amNew York


"With JUNIE B. JONES, Theatreworks USA continues to prove why it is such a vital presence forNew York's theatre scene. By providing intelligent, well-written and affordable theatre that entire families (not only children) can enjoy, they guarantee a future for every other theatre in the city!"

- BroadwayWorld.com



- New York Magazine